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University Staff Committee By-laws

A pdf copy of the By-laws is available.


  1. Membership Section

  2. Elections Section
  4. Emeritus Section
  6. Executive Board Section
  8. Meetings Section
  10. Quorum/Voting Section
  12. Standing Committees Section
  14. Review of By-laws Section
  16. Amendments to the By-laws Section
  18. Rules of Order

Section I: Membership

Members of the University Staff Committee (henceforth referred to as the Committee) shall be elected by current university staff and consist of eleven permanent university staff employees. The eleven members of the Committee should be representative of the bargaining and non-bargaining units of the university staff.

The makeup and membership representation of the Committee will be as follows:

  • 5 Administrative Support
  • 3 Blue Collar
  • 1 Non-rep
  • 1 WPEC
  • 1 Crafts, Engineering, Law Enforcement, WSEU/Technical

If no one chooses to run in a category, then an additional person will be elected from the group which is most underrepresented at the time of the election.

Committee members must have been UW-P permanent university staff employees for a minimum of one year.

Committee members will serve three-year terms, beginning with the July meeting. Members may serve consecutive terms.

Should a reclassification occur during a term, all Committee members may serve out their elected term, as long as they remain employed as university staff at UW-Parkside.

Should a vacancy occur, the Committee will notify the next highest vote getter of the year that the outgoing person was elected within the appropriate bargaining unit to fill the remainder of the term.

Members' Responsibilities:

Members shall attend all general meetings, serve on one or more committee(s) annually, and participate in voting.

Members who cannot attend a meeting are responsible for notifying the Chair or Secretary of the Committee in advance of the meeting, if at all possible.

Membership may be vacated by written resignation, addressed to the Chair of the Committee.

Section II. Elections

In order to preserve continuity of the committee membership, only one third of the members will be up for election in any given year.

In March of each year, the Committee Secretary will determine which positions are up for election.

In April of each year, the name, email address, classification and time in service of all permanent University Staff members will be requested from UWP Human Resources or other appropriate source. (If necessary, the "most underrepresented" group will be calculated from this data.)

"Most underrepresented group" refers to the statistical make-up of the Committee based on the statistical representation of the University Staff as a whole. This is calculated based on the percentage of bargaining unit, as defined under Section I as compared to the percentage of that group within the Committee. (i.e. if there are 280 total University Staff members and 125 currently in the Administrative Support Unit then 125 / 280 x 100% = 44.6% of the total membership of University Staff vs. 5 / 11 x 100% = 45.45% of the Committee. Therefore in this example, Administrative Support is overrepresented by 0.85%)

In late April, the Committee shall invite all eligible members of the University Staff to apply or to nominate colleagues for membership. Nominations can be made by any University Staff employee. Self-nominations are acceptable.

As nominations are returned, the Committee Secretary will confirm the desire of each nominee to accept the nomination before placing them on the ballot for that year. If a nominee fails to respond within ten (10) calendar days of notification, they will be considered to be uninterested and not placed on the ballot. Candidates will be listed on the ballot in alphabetical order by last name under the classification they are nominated for.

In June, official ballots will be distributed in paper form or secure electronic ballot, with a return date of not less than one week from the date of distribution.

Official ballots will be counted by two Committee Members not currently up for election. The results will be tallied and stored in the permanent record as kept by the Committee Secretary. Winners will be notified of the next meeting, so they may assume their duties. Non-winners will also be notified at this time and thanked for their willingness to run.

If while counting ballots, ballots are found to have invalid sections, (i.e. more votes in a section than allowed) those ballots marked incorrectly will be counted on the correctly marked parts and the incorrect parts will not be counted. (i.e. the whole ballot would NOT be thrown out.)

In the event of a tie, if one member is not willing to concede, a run-off election shall be held for that position between the tied candidates within two (2) weeks.


Emeritus Status may be granted to retiring members of the University Staff in recognition of meritorious achievement during a long period of service at UW-Parkside.

The criteria for consideration of being awarded emeritus status are:

  1. The member has ten or more years of classified service at UW-Parkside prior to retirement; exceptions may be made depending on the member's employment record of service.
  2. The member retired within the previous two years. The proposal of a University Staff member for Emeritus status will follow the following process:  
    1. The proposal may originate from the retiree and shall be forwarded to the Chair of the University Staff Committee. The retiree will submit a letter detailing contributions made to the campus and community organizations.    
      1. The retiree may request and submit supporting materials from others i.e. Letters of commendation, support letters from supervisors or co-workers, support letters from organizations served.
    2. The proposal may originate in the appropriate Department Executive Committee or Supervisor and shall be forwarded to the Chair of the University Staff Committee. The retiree will submit a letter detailing contributions made to the campus and community organizations.
    3. If consideration is favorable, the proposal shall then be considered by the Hiring Authority and shall move forward to University Staff Committee for consideration.
    4. The proposal shall then be considered by the University Staff Committee and shall move forward to the Chancellor for consideration.
    5. The proposal shall then be forwarded to the Chancellor for consideration.

Consideration in steps c, and d, shall move forward to the next appropriate level of consideration expeditiously and in no more than 15 working days, unless previously mutually agreed upon. A non- response within the 15 working day limit shall cause the proposal to move forward to the next appropriate level of consideration.

The following are the rights and privileges of University Staff Emeritus status:

  1. Upon report of Emeritus status to the Regents, a special certificate shall be prepared by the Chancellor's Office and sent directly to the retiree.
  2. The designation "Emeritus" carries with it the sense of status associated with University Staff membership, even though an Emeritus University Staff member is not legally a member of the University Staff.
  3. Emeritus University Staff should be consulted about policies likely to affect them.
  4. The Committee Vice-Chair and/or Secretary shall serve as a formal communication link between the University and the Emeritus University Staff.
  5. Emeriti shall have access to post-retirement counseling and guidance, including financial advice, either on campus or by referral to the appropriate UW System representative.
  6. Emeriti shall have the same privileges as regular University Staff members and Faculty with regard to:  
    1. Library borrowing privileges.
    2. Access to all of the University's computing resources; to include active email status/account.
    3. Access to recreational and social facilities.
  7. Emeriti shall also have the following made available to them for no cost or at a reduced rate:  
    1. Emeritus Staff ID card. (Currently the Bursar is waiving the fee for emeriti ID's.).
    2. General parking permit. (UPPS's current policy is to waive the fee for a general parking permit.)
    3. Receipt of those campus publications, informational notices, and notices of events that each emeritus University Staff member desires.
    4. Listing with the University Staff in catalogs and in the University Directory.
    5. Standing invitation to participate in public ceremonies such as commencements, academic processions, and convocations as appropriate.
    6. Standing invitation to attend University Staff meetings.
    7. Standing invitation to all University functions open to the University Staff.

Section IV: Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Committee consists of the following elected officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary. The past chairperson serves as an ex-officio member.

  1. Election of Officers  
    1. Nominations for officers shall be solicited at the July meeting.
    2. Elections will be held at the July meeting.
    3. Officers will assume their duties in July.
  2. Terms of Office  
    1. Officers are elected to serve one-year terms, and may serve more than one consecutive term in the same office.
  3. Responsibilities  
    1. Shall set meeting times and approve agenda items.
    2. Discuss pertinent matters and establish direction for Committee activities.
    3. Review committee reports.
    4. Take necessary action between general meetings.
    5. Review member nominations and attendance.
    6. Fill membership vacancies as appropriate.
    7. Perform such other business as appropriate.
  4. Board Vacancy  
    1. Should vacancies occur within the executive board, nominations and an election will be held at the next regular meeting of the Committee.
  5. Officers' Duties
    1. Chairperson:    
      1. Preside over all official meetings of the Committee and Executive Board.
      2. Communicate for the Committee with the administration of the University and with other organizations as required.
      3. Serve on, or make recommendations for appointments to, University committees.
      4. Act as official representative and spokesperson for the Committee.
      5. Establish special committees and ad hoc committees as necessary.
      6. Is a non-voting, ex-officio member of all Committee and sub-committees.
      7. Serve as Past Chairperson after term of office has ended.
      8. Perform such other duties as assigned by action of the Committee.
    2. Vice-Chairperson:    
      1. Attend all official meetings of the Committee.
      2. Assume the duties and authority of the Chairperson in absence of or vacancy of that office.
      3. Perform such other duties as assigned by action of the Committee.
    3. Secretary:    
      1. Attend all official meetings of the Committee.
      2. Coordinates all correspondence as required by the Chairperson or the Committee.
      3. Prepare and make available to members the required notices of meetings.
      4. Prepare Committee meeting's minutes, and make available to all members and participants.
      5. Maintain and act as custodian of the records and membership rolls of the Committee, assume the duties of Committee Historian.
      6. Send handouts to absent members and participants.
      7. Assist the Chairperson with official communications and correspondence of the committee.
      8. Perform such other duties as assigned by action of the Committee.
    4. Past Chairperson:    
      1. Assist in preparing and mentoring new Executive Board members on current and past issues.
      2. Attend all official meetings of the Committee and Executive Board.
      3. Act as an adviser to the Committee.
      4. Perform such other duties as assigned by action of the Committee.

Section V: Meetings

General Meetings

  1. The University Staff Committee will make every effort to meet monthly. Meetings shall be held the third week of each month at a location scheduled by the Chairperson. Notice of location and any change in general meetings should be announced one week in advance.
  2. General meetings are open to all university employees.

Section VI: Quorum/Voting

A minimum of one-half (1/2) the current membership + 1 shall be the quorum required to conduct business at all meetings of the Committee.

Voting shall be by acclamation, except any member present may request a secret ballot.

Election of officers may be held by secret ballot.

Only elected members shall vote. Each voting member shall have exactly one vote.

A majority vote carries.

Section VII: Standing Committees

Standing committees and sub-committees membership will be adopted by the Committee at their July or August meeting.

A standing committee may be any committee created of any duration either by the University Staff Committee or a University Governance Committee which has requested representation of University Staff upon it. They may be created and dissolved as needed to complete the current tasks at hand.

Standing committees and University committee participation include, but are not limited to:

  • University Staff Distinguished Service Award Committee
  • University Staff Promotion Committee (Classy Breakfast)
  • Dollars for Sense
  • Health, Safety, and Physical Environment Committee
  • Labor Management
  • Status of Women

Section VIII: Review of By-laws

A subcommittee of the Committee shall be appointed in January of odd number years to review these By-laws and update as appropriate.

Section IX: Amendments to the By-laws

Proposals to repeal and/or amend any section of the By-laws or to add a new section must be provided in writing to all members of the Committee one month in advance of the meeting at which they are to be voted upon.

Any such proposal adopted by the Committee shall not take effect until it has been accepted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Committee.

The Chancellor's Cabinet shall be notified in writing of all changes made to these By-laws.

Section X: Rules of Order

In instances not covered by these By-laws, the Committee may refer to the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Amended 2011

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