UWPF Chapter 8

Curricula and Programs

8.01 General
8.02 Actions Requiring Approval by the Faculty Senate
8.03 Committee on Academic Planning
8.04 Course and Curriculum Committee
8.05 Graduate Studies Committee

8.01 General

(1) Unless otherwise provided, committees established under this chapter are subject to the general provisions governing faculty committees found in chapter 4 above.

(2) Although the faculty has primary responsibility for matters affecting curricula and programs, all such matters are subject to shared governance and faculty actions on them require the assent of the Chancellor or such other administrators as the Chancellor may designate.

8.02 Actions Requiring Action by the Faculty Senate

(1) The approval of the faculty senate, acting for the faculty is required for the following actions:

(a) Completely change direction of an existing major.
(b) Change institutional select mission.
(c) Establish, rename, or eliminate a school or college, a department, or a center or institute engaged in teaching, research, and/or outreach.
(d) Seek authorization of a new major.
(e) Enter into a consortial degree program with another institution.
(f) Eliminate a degree program.
(g) Establish a minor, submajor, or certification program.

(2) Except under extraordinary circumstances, the senate shall seek the advice of the Committee on Academic Planning or the Graduate Studies Committee, as appropriate.

8.03 Committee on Academic Planning

(1) Membership

The committee shall consist of:

(a) Six faculty members, elected at-large for three year terms. No more than two members shall be from a single electoral division. (Revised by the Faculty Senate 11/29/05).
(b) The Vice Chancellor or designee
(c) One elected academic staff member
(d) One student member

2) Functions

(a) Advises the administration and the Faculty Senate on major program decisions, long-term academic plans, and associated campus development and budgetary policies.
(b) Provides for faculty participation in long-range strategic planning.
(c) Reviews and makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate on proposals to establish, discontinue, or make major changes in departments, schools,or degree programs.
(d) Oversees and updates program review procedures.
(e) Coordinates its work with that of the Course and Curriculum Committee.
(f) Approves major changes in requirements for majors, minors, or certification programs, and decides whether the changes are sufficiently important to require faculty senate action.

8.04 Course and Curriculum Committee

Revision to membership of the Course and Curriculum Committee, as requested by the committee—University Committee

Resolved, that the Faculty Senate approve the change in the membership of the Course and Curriculum Committee, as described below:    PSF 9 08/09

(1) Membership

The Committee shall consist of:

(a) Four faculty members, elected at large, no more than two from the School of Business and Technology or from any of the electoral divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences.
(b) One elected academic staff member;
(c) One nonvoting academic staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor;
(d) One student.

(e) Registrar (ex-officio, non-voting)


(2) Restriction on Membership
No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

(3) Purpose
The Committee is the guardian of the accuracy and clarity of the curricular portions of the catalog and the embodiment of the interest of the faculty as a whole in the curricular offerings of individual programs.

(4) Functions
The Committee shall:

(a) Prepare guidelines on curricula and course matters, to include course numbering, categories of courses, and deletion of courses which are not being offered.
(b) Resolve jurisdictional conflicts among academic areas.
(c) Develop procedures to insure that all academic programs are notified of curricular change proposals which might affect them and are given an opportunity to respond to those proposals.
(d) Insure that curricular changes are in compliance with Senate and System policies and with the decisions of the Committee on Academic Planning.
(e) Have authority over approving or disapproving all course and curricular changes, including additions of new courses, deletions of existing courses, and catalog statements of catalogs.

8.05 Graduate Studies Committee

(1) Membership
The Committee shall consist of:

(a) Six faculty or instructional academic staff members appointed by the University Committee;
(b) One graduate student.

(2) Nonvoting Members
An appointed Administrator shall serve as a nonvoting member.

(3) Chair
The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the elected faculty members. No person may serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair.

(4) Purpose
The Committee shall assist the Faculty, in cooperation with the Administration, to fulfill its responsibilities for those academic, educational and scholarship matters under UWPF 2.02 which pertain to graduate programming. The Committee shall be accountable to the Faculty, which shall retain final jurisdiction in these matters.

(5) Functions
The Committee shall perform the same functions concerning graduate programming as are performed for undergraduate programs by the Academic Policies Committee, the Course and Curriculum Committee and the Academic Actions Committee. In instances in which undergraduate programs are affected, the committee shall consult with the appropriate undergraduate committee. Courses intended for both undergraduate and graduate students require both undergraduate and graduate committee action. In considering curricular matters, the Committee shall take into account the reports of the appropriate review committees. (Subsection added by the Faculty Senate April 23, 2002)

[Passed by the Faculty Senate, April 16, 1996]


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