U.S. Mail

All mail to be metered must have the appropriate fund, division and department code numbers stamped in the upper left- hand corner directly beneath the return address or on the back flap of the envelope. Any mail without the proper funding will be returned to the respective department for coding. Mail must be sealed by the departments if the exceeds 0.25" thickness. The mailroom will seal your mail if all flaps of the envelopes are flat and do not exceed the thickness mentioned above. Mailing address must be complete and correct. United States Postal Service encourages most businesses to standardize their addresses. This is something that the University will be facing in the near future. Envelopes should not contain paper clips and binding clips. Staples are acceptable as long as the edge is inserted toward the bottom of the envelope. No personal mail or packages may be sent using department funds. We will continue to pick up your personal mail and if you are unsure of the proper postage, we will weigh your mail and inform you of the proper postage.

When designing a new mail piece we request that each piece be brought down to Mail Services prior to printing. This is to ensure all mailing requirements are met.

There are two subclasses of Standard Mail, Regular and Nonprofit, and they each have size requirements and rates. Call Mail Services for current rates and size requirements. We request that each mailpiece be brought down to Mail Services prior to printing. This is to ensure that all mailing requirements are met. New postal regulations require us to spend more time on processing each mailing. Keep this in mind when scheduling your mailings.

  • Minimum piece requirement is 200.
  • Mailing must contain identical pieces.
  • Must be in Zip Code order.
  • Must bear the proper funding code on the upper left hand corner just beneath the return address.
  • Must have a return address.
  • Mailings must be brought down to the mailroom by the respective departments.
  • Mail Services must be notified of any future mailings. This is to ensure that enough funds are available to cover postage expenses.

Processing of Standard mailings is based on first come first served basis. Processing time for mailings will vary depending on the workload in the mailroom and the size of the mailing. Anticipate at least 3 - 4 weeks delivery time for the mailings. Departments should check with Mail Services as to what services we can provide in helping with the mailings.(See Special Services)


Those who wish to use this particular type of formatted pre-paid envelope or postcard, must have their mailpiece inspected by Mail Services prior to printing.
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