Innovation Hub: Faculty Collaboratives
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Welcome to the Equity initiative pathway!

 Equity for our student populations is not accidental or serendipitous.  It requires the development of equity mindedness within and between the practitioners in our institutions.  And, equity mindedness emerges from the recognition of, and interaction with, gaps in student outcomes that might be within the realm of institutional control.  The development of equity mindedness must precede equity for our students. Practitioners need to come together to understand truly how their actions, institutional frameworks, and pedagogies, contribute to an equivalency (or near equivalency) between access to education and the outcomes of an education (Access = Outcomes). This understanding emerges from well prepared educational teams that can redesign curricula around 21st century learning (student-centered, problem-centered, transparent learning competencies). 

Postsecondary education is a public good' where through equity we give everyone the probability of being a participatory citizen.  So, how do we create a place where equity mindedness can be developed?   

The Wisconsin Innovation HUB has created a linchpin for discussion and effort—in the UW system, equity mindedness really can't happen on ONE campus—indeed it can't happen anywhere if it only happens in one place. Equity, by its very concept, is total.  When it is isolated or autonomous, it naturally creates inequity.  The power lies in the collaboration, the discussion and the transparency that we can create among ourselves, first—and then for our students.
The question we hope can be examined is if we really can intentionally create a learning place that fosters equity mindedness.

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