Innovation Hub: Faculty Collaboratives
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Learning Objects

AAS Reimagine Project
Caroline Geary
ACIS 1.3 Policy on UWS Associate Degree Standards
UW System Office for Academic and Student Affairs
Avoiding the Potholes: Strategies for Reforming General Education
Jerry G. Gaff
Closing the Loop with LEAP: The Path at Two Campuses
Jennifer Fager, Academic Assessment, UW-Eau Claire; Lori Allen, General Education, UW-Parkside Jim Robinson, Teaching & Learning Center, UW-Parkside
Defining Outcomes, Demonstrating Quality: The CIC Degree Qualifications Profile Consortium
Council of Independent Colleges
Document Analysis for Self-Assessment of Equity-Minded and Culturally Inclusive Policies and Practices
University of Southern California, Center for Urban Education
Exploring Degree Qualifications: A Descriptive Analysis of the Quality Initiative Demonstration Project to Test the Lumina Foundation's Degree Qualifications Profile
Gloria Rogers, Amber Holloway, Lynn Priddy
From the Classroom to the Assessment Committee: A practical tour of the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics
Tim Dale
GEMs Presentation Faculty Collaboratives Conference 2015
Caroline Geary, Dale Splinter
General Education Reform as Organizational Change:The Importance of Integrating Cultural and Structural Change
Susan M. Awbrey
General Education Reform: Thinking Critically about Substance and Process
Vardaman R. Smith, Bruce G. Brunton, Andrew I. Kohen, Cynthia A. Gilliatt, John C. Klippert, Caroline T. Marshall
Learning by Degrees: A Cohort 3 Pathway Demonstration Project Evaluating the Lumina Foundation's Degree Qualifications Profile
Beverlt Kopper, Greg Cook, John Stone
Roadmap to Enhanced Student Learning: Implementing the DQP and Tuning
Natasha Jankowski and David Marshall
Signature Work: What is It? How Can We Support It?
Tracy Slagter
The American Historical Association’s Tuning Project: An Introduction
Daniel J. McInerney
The Degree Qualifications Profile
Cliff Adelman, Peter Ewell, Paul Gaston, Carol Geary Schneider
The Degree Qualifications Profile: What it is and Why We Need it Now
Natasha Jankowski, Pat Hutchings, Peter Ewell, Jillian Kinzie, George Kuh
The Lumina Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP): Implications for Assessment
Peter T. Ewell
Tuning Process Lumina
Institute for Evidence-Based Change
UW System Associate Degree Standards Working Group Report
UWS Shared Learning Goals

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