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For on-campus assistance contact the Teaching & Learning Center, or for assistance for courses with non-traditional delivery, contact Innovations in Learning. You will find web-based resources developed through the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and Lumina Foundation's Faculty Collaboratives grant, which link resources from five states, may be found on the Wisconsin Innovation Hub

Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat

Several reading groups over the past few years have discussed Claude Steele's Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us And What We Can Do About It. But more exciting was when Natalia Taft (Asst. Prof. BIOS) chose the topic for her SoTL project during her term as the UW-Parkside Wisconsin Teaching Fellow. The data from her project was revealing about the needs of our students. Since then she has replicated her study on a limited basis. Natalia invited Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars (WTFS) Co-director Cyndi Kernahan to Parkside. Cyndi's Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat presentation was a springboard for an informal interest group. There are now over a dozen Parkside faculty and teaching academic staff members discussing how they might use these strategies to improve student performance and persistence. Some are planning to conduct research so we can better serve our students. 

Teaching Technique: Universal Design

Universal design is a process that ensures that a newly created product is useful to the broadest array of people. Applied to assessment in higher education, universal design would mean that all students would have a better opportunity to express what they know by using their preferred methods for receiving and expressing information.

UW-Parkside held a two-day Universal Design pilot: Universal Design in Education: The Basics and Beyond.  Its purpose was to help participants incorporate universal design principles into their course materials, focusing in particular on assessment. In the workshop sessions participants modified course syllabi and assessment practices for a fall course. In follow up sessions during the semester participants came together to review and reflect upon the impact of these changes.

The Universal Design Workshop was facilitated by Professor Dave Edyburn, Department of Special Education at UW-Milwaukee and Co-Principal Investigator of the Universal Design Infusion of Technology and Evaluator for Accessible Campuses of Higher Education (UDITEACH) Project and ACCESS-ED. Co-facilitators were Renee Kirby, Disability Services; Jim Robinson, Teaching/Learning Center; Eugene Fujimoto, Office of Equity & Diversity; and Christine Tutlewski, Department of Learning Assistance, all of UW-Parkside.

A good resource for finding universal design learning resources is the Colorado State University UDL website.

General Resource Sites

Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching: Guides

UW Colleges Virtual Teaching &Learning Center: White Papers


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