Museum Studies

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Social Sciences and Professional Studies

Program Offered:
Certificate - Museum Studies

Program Overview

Museum studies is an interdisciplinary certificate program designed to provide students with an introduction to the diverse aspects of   museum   work, information   concerning   opportunities   for employment in museums and related institutions (such as archives and public history parks), and hands-on experience, including formal internships in local museums.  The certificate program provides a solid background for interested students in such field as anthropology, art, art history, history, and other fields to pursue graduate degrees in museum studies and employment in museums.


An internship in museum studies is required, allowing students to gain practical experience working in an art, history, anthropology, or public museum.

Requirements for the Museum Studies Certificate (16 credits)

  1. Content Courses (9 credits)
    Choose at least 3 credits from each of the three disciplines:
    ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology 3 cr
    ANTH 201 Introduction to Archaeology 3 cr
    ANTH 202 Human Evolution 3 cr
    ANTH 227 North American Indians 3 cr
    ANTH 228 Peoples of Southeast Asia 3 cr
    ANTH/ART 315 Anthropology of Non-Western Art 3 cr
    ANTH 327 Archaeology of North America 3 cr
    ART 100 Foundations of Art and Visual Culture 3 cr
    ART 125 Survey of World Art 3 cr
    HIST 102 The United States, Reconstruction to Recent Times 3 cr
    HIST 335 Native American History 3 cr
    HIST 337 African-American History 3 cr
    HIST 342 The American Civil War 3 cr
    HIST 345 America in Power and Peril 1917-1953 3 cr
    HIST 346 Recent America, 1953-Present 3 cr
  2. Methods Course (2 credits)
    MSST 300 Museum Studies 2 cr
  3. Museum Management Course (2 credits)
    MSST 305 Introduction to Museum Management 2 cr
  4. Internship (3 credits)
    ANTH 491 Anthropology Fieldwork
    (focusing on museum internship)
    3 cr
    ANTH 494 Internship in Sociology/Anthropology
    (focusing on museum internship)
    3 cr
    ART 494  Art Internship
    (focusing on museum internship) 
    3 cr
    HIST 494 Internship in History
    (focusing on museum internship) 
    3 cr

Courses in the Certificate for Museum Studies (MSST)

300 Museum Studies 2 cr

Prereq: Sophomore standing or consent of instructor. Freq: Occasionally.
Introduction to the museum field focusing on methods and skills needed to work in a variety of museum professions. Features presentations by museum professionals working in local museums.

305 Introduction to Museum Management 2 cr

Prereq: MSST 300 or consent of instructor. Freq: Occasionally.
Introduces essential aspects of museum management and administration.

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