General Subject Tutoring Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a general subject tutor at UW-Parkside's Academic Resource Center. We accept application on a rolling basis and will contact qualified candidates when we have an opening.

General Subject/Course Tutor
Student Position 5-20 hours a week
$8.50/hour (starting)

The Parkside Academic Resource Center (PARC) is looking for General Subject/Course Tutors (GSUB Tutors) who can work independently with up to 3 Parkside students in a single tutoring session as well as work as a team with other tutors to promote, enhance, and develop the Tutoring Center and the PARC as a whole. The candidates selected will provide support and guidance to tutees, focusing on building independent learning skills while practicing study techniques on specific course materials (provided by the tutees). All PARC staff and tutors are expected to attend cohort meetings, all-staff meetings, and training sessions developed by PARC leadership. New hires do receive tutor training but should come in with a strong level of content mastery in the fields and courses for which they tutor. To this extent, it is highly suggested that all tutors have a current 3.0 overall GPA, but PARC leadership is willing to talk about extenuating circumstances. Tutors are expected to turn in at least two self-assessments and at least one peer observation each semester. Weekly hours are flexible except for staff meetings (1-2 times per month) that usually take place on Fridays at noon. This is an at-will position.

Subject/Course Tutor Areas of Responsibility


  • Practice and implement the Tutoring Cycle with every appointment assigned to you
  • Participate in all onboarding activities including but not limited to the TutorTrac orientation, the Master Tutor and training packet, and The Gauntlet tutoring practice
  • Create and maintain semester goals for personal tutoring
  • Actively develop yourself and the Tutoring Center during hours that you are on duty without a tutee appointment, if applicable (most GSUB tutors are never on duty without a tutee present)
  • Observe 1-3 tutor peers per semester


  • Meet with Lead Tutor for supervision at least thrice per semester
  • Check Ranger Mail twice daily for appointment scheduling updates
  • Provide PARC leadership with timely updates and requests to change your schedule
  • Communicate with professors, students, and courses to spread the word about PARC services
  • Attend and contribute in all PARC staff meetings that pertain to the Tutoring Center
  • Other duties as assigned

Teamwork & Promotion

  • Pursue and grow your tutee base by advertising your schedule of availability to appropriate courses and University faculty and staff
  • Be a responsible voice and face of the Tutoring Center to the community
  • Create and maintain semester goals for teamwork and for Tutoring Center promotion
  • Other duties as assigned

General Subject Tutoring Application

How To Apply

Candidates for all positions at the PARC need to

  • complete an online application form for the appropriate role
  • receive at least one UWP instructor's recommendation, through our online Tutor Referral Form
  • complete and turn in an availability sheet

Please contact the PARC via phone or email with questions.

  • Wyllie D180 Front Desk phone 262.595.2044
  • Parkside Academic Resource Center email

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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