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Steering Committee Members

Jeffrey Alexander
Assistant Professor, History
Moln L125
(262) 595-2583

Siegfried Christoph
Professor, German/Modern Languages
Cart 0242
(262) 595-2269

Cathleen Folker
Associate Professor, Business
Moln L326F
(262) 595-2407

Peggy James
Associate Professor, Political Science
Moln 0374
(262) 595-2101

Dana Oswald
Assistant Professor, English
Cart L210
(262) 595-2507

Helen Rosenberg
Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology
(262) 595-2146

Gary Wood
Associate Professor, Chemistry
GRNQ 0333
(262) 595-2430

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Donald Cress
Professor, Philosophy and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


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