Internship Program

The CBEC internship program is a for credit opportunity for students to gain experience in their fields of study, as well as an outreach to others on campus. They also gain experience presenting information about UW-Parkside to high schools in our community.

Some of the internship responsibilities include

  • Manage CBEC Social Media Pages
  • Curate Informative Presentation for new CBEC students
  • Present CBEC information to new incoming freshmen and transfer students during orientations throughout the year
  • Visit local High Schools to speak about opportunities Parkside’s CBEC programs offer
  • Represent Parkside’s College of Business, Economics, and Computing at various campus events including: Back to school Ice Cream Social, Executive in Residence Breakfast, and Board of Regents campus visits

CBEC INTERNS  |  2018-19

Intern Highlights

  • Lance, AJ

    AJ Lance
    Double Major | Economics | Mathematics

    I am from Bristol, WI. I am a double major in Economics and Mathematics. Because of my two majors allowing for many different career paths, my career interests vary from working for NASA as a physicist to working for a hedge fund as a quantitative analyst to working for the Federal Reserve as an economist. I sought out this internship because I thought I would gain skills that I didn’t have and knew I would need for many of my career options. I have learned many marketing, presentational, and communication skills. These skills are important whether it’s speaking with clients about their investment portfolio or communicating different findings in an experiment with a physics team. So far, the CBEC class I have found most applicable to the real world has been macroeconomics because it shows the patterns of human and government behavior. Apart from this internship and coursework, I also have some work experience that has helped me build many different leadership and communication skills. I have been in guest relations at Six Flags, a sales associate for Ralph Lauren, and a server for Applebee's.

  • Bryanna Thomas

    Bryanna Thomas
    Business Management Major | Human Resources Concentration Project Management Certificate

    My name is Bryanna Thomas. I am a second semester junior here at the University of Wisconsin- Parkside. I am a College of Business, Economics and Computing Intern and I have the pleasure of working with new incoming freshman and transfer students. CBEC interns help students register for courses and give insight on all of the great things Parkside offers. High school visits and recruitment is also the fun part about this internship. I love meeting new people and speaking to the future students. I am also apart of the Down For Change organization here on campus which is geared towards women empowerment. In my free time I love to film YouTube videos and I also model. My experience here at Parkside has been great and I look forward to the upcoming endeavors.

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  • Tessa Nyary

    Tessa Nyary
    Double Major |  Marketing | Economics, Monetary and Financial Concentration

    I initially applied for the CBEC Internship because I was recommended by two faculty members. It wasn’t something I had initially sought out, but I am so glad I decided to apply. I have become so much more involved on campus since beginning the internship in May and my public speaking and communication skills have improved exponentially. With the help of Joan Wishau and Donald Gillespie, program advisors, I have developed long-lasting professional relationships with my fellow CBEC interns as well as many campus staff and contributors. I have also developed invaluable skills  and gained professional experience that will aid me in my future career. Currently deciding between going into the Marketing field or attending graduate school for Economics, but would love the opportunity to work internationally or travel for my job and work in a creative environment.

  • Zach Akina

    Zach Akina
    Business Management | Finance Concentration

    I was born and raised in Kenosha, WI. I’m a senior studying Business Management – Finance and expect to graduate in May 2019. I enjoy taking my boat out during the summer and spending the day fishing. My favorite experience as an intern for the College of Business, Economics, and Computing was having breakfast with an Executive in Residence and attending their presentation during a Fall campus visit. I’m grateful for the opportunities this internship has presented – especially the opportunity to network, develop my public speaking skills, and form better time and task management. Most importantly, I feel like I’m now better prepared to make the transition from an academic to professional career. 

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