CNHS Strategic Plan

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The College of Natural and Health Sciences will be a regional leader through excellence in teaching, research and service to the university and greater community.

MISSION to achieve our vision by:
Broadening the intellectual experience of students through inquiry-based laboratory and field courses, original research, and hands-on internships, under the guidance of teacher-scholars who are active in scholarship and research.

  • Ensuring that students master effective oral and written communication, reasoned judgment, and social and personal responsibility necessary to assume leadership roles in their professions and in local, regional and global spheres.
  • Utilizing contemporary and emerging instructional methodologies.
  • Engaging faculty and staff who emphasize excellence in teaching and research for the advancement of science, health and mathematics.
  • Providing expertise and being a knowledge base to aid the growth and development of diverse regional organizations and businesses.
  • Providing academic opportunities for lifelong learning.


Goal 1.1: Offer academic programs in response to regional needs and in conformance with appropriate national and disciplinary standards.
Goal 1.2:
Study and implement approaches to make effective use of resources and structure educational experiences in order to be responsive to the population UW-Parkside serves.
Goal 1.3:
Strengthen support for student-persistence to graduation.
Goal 1.4:
Support ongoing intellectual and professional development of faculty and staff.
Goal 1.5:
Increase offerings of intellectual programming to increase the engagement of both the campus and the external communities in CNHS.
Goal 1.6:
Engage in recruitment and retention of all CNHS students.
Goal 1.7
Recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff.

Goal 2.1:
CHNS will determine its enrollment capacity for each program.
Goal 2.2
: Continue to promote and enhance the recruitment, employment, retention, and development of faculty, instructional academic staff, and support staff to achieve and maximize CNHS's human resource potential.
Goal 2.3
: Take full advantage of, and in some cases enhance, university-wide information technology resources and services to support teaching, learning, and research activities in CNHS.
Goal 2.4
: Develop a long-range financial planning strategy to support CNHS priorities
Goal 2.5
: Keep abreast of campus wide long range strategic planning.
Goal 2.6
: Individual departments/programs will engage in ongoing strategic planning.

Goal 3.1:
Enhance and highlight CNHS reputation on campus and in the community; showcase CNHS through participation in campus and community events; publicize CNHS activities with the intent of grooming and managing its image.
Goal 3.2:
Highlight the image of academic departments/programs by developing and executing marketing plans that differentiate UW-Parkside programs in CNHS from our competition.
Goal 3.3:
Highlight strengths of individual faculty/staff and formulate marketing products to showcase their activities.
Goal 3.4:
Utilize faculty, staff, students and alumni to promote uniqueness, special attributes, accomplishments and activities within CNHS to the community.
Goal 3.5
: Collect information and track student and alumni involvement in campus activities in order to identify particular areas of interest for the future involvement and engagement of CNHS alumni.
Goal 3.6
: Develop programs and opportunities to engage alumni in CNHS activities and in particular with student recruitment, persistence and retention.

Goal 4.1
:Continue to develop and refine mechanisms to coordinate, improve, and focus community engagement activities.
Goal 4.2
:Review, improve, and expand engagement activities with regional K-12, two-year and four-year higher education institutions.
Goal 4.3
:Collaborate with Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties to promote industry and business partnerships that increase educational and post-graduation employment opportunities to improve economic conditions in the region.

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