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Applied Health Sciences

The bachelor's of science (B.S.) in applied health sciences is designed to prepare students with an interdisciplinary and liberal arts foundation for professional careers within the health care industry. This major is intended primarily for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees and/or careers in the professional fields of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, Physician Assistant, Athletic Training, and Kinesiology/Exercise Science (which can be selected as a "Pre-Professional" concentration - Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Athletic Training, etc.). However, students can gain acceptance into a wide range of additional professional health or graduate programs with this degree.

One of the unique aspects of the AHS major is its strong emphasis on hands-on, clinical experiences for its students. Each student within the major is required to obtain a minimum of three hundred hours of patient contact experience within their chosen concentration area. This exposure to the actual "job" not only is a requirement for most professional programs, but, more importantly, helps students obtain a deeper understanding of the professional careers they are considering. 

Program Goals and Objectives

The primary academic goals and objectives of the AHS major are:

  • To provide UW-Parkside students with a challenging, rigorous, laboratory and clinically intensive major that will assist them in gaining acceptance into professional health programs or graduate programs.
  • To provide UW-Parkside students - these same students - with a degree that empowers them to be competitive students in today's rapidly expanding job market revolving around health care and scientific research.

AHS Student Successes

Since the inception of the program (2007):

  • 87.8% of our graduates have been accepted to professional health programs
  • 100% acceptance rate into Chiropractic Schools
  • 86% acceptance rate into Masters of Occupational Therapy Schools
  • 84% acceptance rate into Doctor of Physical Therapy Schools

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