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UW-Parkside Food Bank


UW-Parkside senior and CBL Certificate student Andy Berg hosted an open forum on April 4 to discuss the possibility of opening a food bank on Parkside's campus. In a previous semester, Dr. Helen Rosenberg's sociology senior seminar class conducted an encompassing survey of students to see if any experience food insecurity. The results showed that many students do experience bouts of food insecurity (usually at the end of the semester) and sometimes skip meals or survive on ramen. The SOCA 495 class also looked for examples from other universities in Wisconsin that had set up food banks, before compiling all their information together.

This semester, CBL 495 students have taken this research and ran with it. They have conducted meetings with various campus stakeholder to see how students can come together to create, promote and staff a food bank. The open forum on April 4 was an opportunity for students to provide input and share their ideas for moving forward. There has been much progress on this project since the beginning of the semester, which will continue as more and more students become invested.

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