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Kaija Daniels

After going away to college and not doing well, Kaija Daniels took a year off of college. Now she is a great student who has restarted her college career in Communication here at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  Kaija explains that “Anybody can pick up from the stupid mistakes that they have made.”  She is heavily involved on campus: she is the president of the Parkside Oddities,  was secretary of Anthropological Society, and is the secretary for The Ministry of Fiber Arts.  Kaija encourages all students to join an organization because of all the positive outcomes of joining a student organization. I found Kaija to be honest, friendly and enthusiastic about her life.

I asked Kaija why she selected the field of communication. She stated, “I took both COMM 107 and COMM 108 and found that one was about culture, people, and diversity and the other is about media and technology and just seeing how diverse the field of study is, it was kind of  exciting.” I asked her what she would tell someone considering the communication field.  “The Communication Department is so incredibly diverse and I will show you exactly how you can go down this route or that route for communication.”

Kaija is graduating in May 2018 with a major in Communication. To compliment her major, Kaija will also have minors in Anthropology, Public Relations, and Organizational Communication, as well as a Certificate in Museum Studies.  She would like to pursue a career in Human Resources or be on the Visuals Team for Tommy Hilfiger at their corporate office in New York City or Amsterdam.  She stated, “It is a lot of problem solving, which keeps your brain young.”

I found Kaija Daniels to be a wonderful person.  I think she will be an asset to any company.  This fall, she is one of your Communication Ambassador Interns for the Communication Department.  Communication is the key to all of our futures. Go Kaija!!

Kajia Daniels | UW-Parkside
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