Computer Science Facilities FAQs

What is the CS Lab?

The CS lab consists of three rooms.

Moln D114 is the Security Lab used for students in the CyberSecurity Certificate Program. It contains 14 - Windows 7 machines with assorted security software.

Moln D116 is the main computer lab for the Computer Science Department.  It contains 20 Linux, 10 Linux/Windows 7 dual boot, and assorted specialty machines.

Moln D120 is the Makerspace and contains 2 - 3D printers, a 3D scanner, assorted tech gadgets, and a large table for collaboration.


How do I access the labs?

Access to the Computer Science facilities is by two-factor authentication only.   The computer labs are located in Moln D114, Moln D116 and Moln D120.  You must use your Ranger Card and a 4 digit pin to gain entry. 

If you do not have a Ranger Card, you will find the Ranger Card Office in Student Center at the Campus Concierge. To activate the card, follow the instructions that come with the card.

Your pin is configured when you activate your CS lab account.  If you believe you should have access and do not, see your CS instructor or the CS Systems Administrator.

How do I use the card reader?
  1. Make sure the light on the card reader is green.
  2. Hold your Ranger Card so that the magnetic strip is on the right and swipe it through the card reader.
  3. The light will turn amber. Enter your PIN using the numbers on the card reader.
  4. The light will flash green once and turn off. Pull the door open before it times out.

If the lights flash red, try again. If trying to access the lab fails repeatedly, contact your CS instructor or the CS System Administrator.

How do I login to the lab computers?

You must have a account created for you by the Computer Science Systems Administrator.  It is NOT the same as your campus user name and must have a different password as well.  See your CS instructor or the CS Systems Administrator.

How do I access my computer account in the CS Lab?

If you qualify, you will be given an account on

Before using the account you must fill out and sign a User Account Policy Form and do the initial setup of your account. For most people, this is done in the first lab of the CSCI 241 course. If for some reason you did not activate your account, contact the CS Systems Administrator or your CS instructor for assistance.

How do I use one of the lockers in the lab?

Anyone with access to the lab may use a locker if any are available. The lockers are assigned on a first come, first served basis. In order to use a locker, you must bring your own lock and register your intent with the CS Systems Administrator.

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