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Mission, Vision and Strengths


Computer Science offers strong academic programs that prepare students for flexible career paths and continuing advancement in computing. To fulfill this mission the Department of Computer Science will:
  • Offer high quality undergraduate computer science and graduate computer information system programs, which prepare and advance students in computing disciplines, as well as certificate programs to enhance, augment, or update technical skills.
  • Provide high quality faculty and staff who hold appropriate degrees and who demonstrate a commitment to remaining professionally current via ongoing research and professional development programs.
  • Educate students in computational and information technology competencies, including students whose primary focus is outside of computing.
  • Provide a learning environment that helps students to be successful in their professional lives, and includes collaborative interaction between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Prepare students to be lifelong learners by offering a solid theoretical foundation in computing, as well as applied computing experiences, including opportunities for community based learning.
  • Attract and retain a diverse and multicultural population of students, faculty, and staff.


We would like to:
  • Expand the number of students in our undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Increase diversity, including more women and minority students.
  • Improve our first year retention. Students must come into the program better prepared and once they arrive, they must be better advised in their first year.
  • Promote the career opportunities offered by computer science, to meet the ongoing needs of industry.
  • Enhance relationships with industry and professional societies.
  • Seek ABET accreditation.


The strengths of the UW-Parkside Computer Science department include:
  • High-quality instruction: The department has continuously proven to produce high quality graduates, as evidenced by the high scores achieved by seniors on international standardized tests, the high placement rate of graduates in industry, and competitive wins or placement in regional programming competitions. High results are attributable to small class sizes, a good curriculum, and faculty interest.
  • Regional opportunities: The region, located between the two major cities of Chicago and Milwaukee, provide ample opportunity for student internships, employment, and community-based learning projects. The region is also one of the most populous from which to attract students.
  • Broad based modern program: The computer science faculty recognizes the need to adapt its curriculum to regional needs and student abilities. The high portion of faculty with industry experience ensures that the content and quality of the program can meet business needs. The high portion of faculty with PhDs ensures that the program is sufficiently theoretical to ensure that students develop critical thinking abilities.
  • Congenial department: The faculty members have a good working relationship both with each other and with students. The department culture is one of shared governance and consensus. Faculty members take an interest in the students, and work to build relationships with them.

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