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Spatial Data Analysis Lab

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Department of Geography Spatial Data Analysis Lab (aka the GIS Lab, aka the Geography Lab) is located in MOLN 219/236.  We currently have 14 PCs running state-of-the- art Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Statistical software packages.  The lab is utilized for many of our classes such as Intro to GIS, Advanced GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Geographic Methods, and Landscape Ecology.  In addition, our students use the lab for independent studies and class projects.

The Department of Geography offers a GIS Certificate and a Minor in GIS.

Swipe card access to the lab is restricted.  Arrangements for access can be made through Prof. Ward.

Soils Lab

The Geography Department has an active Soils Lab and Biogeography lab.  In the soils lab, we conduct research that investigates physical and biological characteristics of soils, delineating soil boundaries, and how soil is influenced by human activities, such as clearcutting, developing, and other disturbances.  Students in the Soil Ecosystems and Resources course-part of the Applied Environmental Geography Concentration-learn about these aspects of soil and ways to protect, manage, and restore soil qualities for optimal ecosystem function and productivity.  They experience hands-on learning from collecting soil in the field, testing soil samples in the lab, and understanding ways to remediate issues such as soil erosion, drainage, or pollution.

Biogeography Lab

The biogeography lab involves research in Dendrochronology and Plant Ecology.  Students learn about vegetation dynamics such as fire ecology, climatic influences on tree growth, population and age structure, and historical events through the use of tree ring analysis.  The lab has a top of the line tree ring bench linked to a computer system and Leica microscopes.  The lab is also equipped with field and lab tools to identify plant species and quantify vegetation in the field.  Issues that students explore in this lab are impacts to biodiversity from non-native species, fragmentation of natural landscapes, or determining current taxonomic classifications.  The courses in our department that use this are Biogeography, Landscape Ecology, Field Methods, and Dendrochronology, which are all part of the Applied Environmental Geography Concentration.

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