International Studies Major Competencies

Learning Goals:

I. International studies students will bring interdisciplinary frameworks to understand the world beyond their borders. (KNOWLEDGE)

II. They will be able to demonstrate that they have the skills to navigate cultural and national differences in diverse ways and understand that the world is interconnected. (SKILLS)

III. They will develop the skills and abilities to live a meaningful and ethical life and understand their worldview in relation to the worldview of others. (ATTITUDES)

Learning Outcomes:

1. Can identify major global issues and concepts, comparing and contrasting differences and similarities among regions/countries (Learning Goal I)

  • Components
    • articulates processes
    • knows global trends
    • understands global systems
      • economic similarities and differences
      • cultural similarities and differences
      • historical similarities and differences

2. Are able to collect and use data to effectively understand and interpret international issues, analyzing them using concepts and methods from different disciplines (Goals II, III)

  • Components
    • knows how to find information from:
      • international agencies
      • governments
      • NGOS
      • Primary sources such as interviews
      • Academic sources

3. Have effective written and verbal communication skills regarding global and international issues, including foreign language skills and/or intercultural knowledge (Goal II)

  • Components
    • Writing papers or communication
    • Presentations

4. Engage in multiple international and intercultural activities and experiences, appreciate cultural difference and tolerate cultural and national ambiguity, and reflect on how their national and cultural identities have been shaped (Goal III)

Relation to Learning Goals of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

  • Learning Outcomes 1 and 2 relate to Reasoned Judgment
  • Learning Outcome 4 relates Social and Personal Responsibility
  • Learning Outcome 3 relates to Communication

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