Certificate in Ethics

The Politics, Philosophy and Law department announced a new Certificate in Ethics in the beginning of Fall 2013. Students with a Certificate in Ethics are able to reflect on concrete ethics issues, state their arguments and views clearly, assess the quality of ethical argumentation, and understand complex ethical theories. 

This is a new and exciting opportunity for students of any major. The Certificate in Ethics requires 12 credits. 2 classes will be required and 2 others will be chosen from a list of available classes. See below for more course information:               

PHIL 206 –Introduction to Ethics (GENED)                                             
PHIL 215 –Contemporary Moral Problems (GENED)  
Electives (select two):   
PHIL 320 –Value Theory                                            
PHIL 328  –Ethics in the Criminal Justice System                                             
PHIL 340 –Bioethics                                             
POLS 349 –Global Ethics                                             
HESM 282 –Ethics and Issues in Sport Management 

If you have any questions about this certificate, please contact Dr. Christopher Hudspeth.

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