Constitutional Convention

With, For, and By Student Citizens

MARCH 15-16, 2019

"Each generation is as independent as the one preceding…a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most productive of its own happiness…a solemn opportunity of doing this every 19 or 20 years, should be provided in the constitution, so that it may be handed on, with periodic repairs, from generation to generation, to the end of time, if anything human can so long endure."

-Thomas Jefferson
  • Elect convention leadership
  • Take part in a caucus experience
  • Discuss current national and global issues
  • Craft a debate and vote on amendments

Amendments that are passed at this convention will be sent to state representatives in Washington.

Questions? Contact Lorene Bakkila | 262-595-2334

Hosted by the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Law.

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