Welcome to Parkside's Access to College Credit (PACC) Program

Right now, your life is full of transitions; we are trying to make some of these transitions a bit easier.  One way we can do this is to help you gain college credit while you are fulfilling your high school graduation requirements.  This is an alternative to AP testing or coming to college campuses for courses- you can get college credit for some classes that are available at your own High School, taught by your High School teachers, and without that crushing worry about passing your AP exam!  We hope that through this experience you will gain confidence in your ability to succeed at the College level, and invite you to consider Parkside as a place where you will be welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged to be really amazing!

The PACC program is guided by the same Mission as the university which states "The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is committed to high-quality educational programs, creative and scholarly activities, and services responsive to its diverse student population, and its local, national and global communities."

With this mission in mind, we welcome you to the PACC program!  We hope that through this experience you will help students gain confidence in their ability to succeed at the College level. 


Dr. Peggy James
Interim Dean, College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies
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