Sociology Department Competencies

Conceptual Competencies

  • Apply sociological concepts, theories, and perspectives on culture and society
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultures and societies in their own terms
  • Appraise the impact of the social and physical environment on individual experience
  • Assess and critique different sociological theoretical orientations
  • Explain the process of theory construction

Methodological Competencies

  • Demonstrate the connection between theory, methods, and realities
  • Frame and execute a research project
  • Record, interpret, and communicate quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Find, organize, and critically evaluate data/information (interpreting data outcomes and evaluating literature)
  • Apply the use of technology for achieving goals and tasks

Civic Competencies

  • Promote the active exchange of ideas in a civil manner
  • Employ sociological knowledge to address important issues locally and globally
  • Gain competence in effective collaboration and teamwork
  • Identify and confront ethnocentrism



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