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Costume Rentals

The UW-Parkside Theatre Arts Department is happy to rent a wide range of our exquisitely designed and built costumes to other theatre groups in the area and throughout the nation. We can either rent entire shows to companies or selected pieces of costumes from different shows and periods.

Give us a call and see if we have what you need!

Our Costume Rental Manager, Darice DaMata-Geiger, has a clear sense of what we have in stock and will be happy to let you know how we might be able to assist you. Please contact the Costume Rental Manager at 262.595.2373 or at damata-geiger@uwp.edu .

We currently have costumes for the following shows.
  • Cabaret
  • Honk! 
  • My Fair Lady 
  • Pride and Prejudice (Women only) 
  • The Diary of Anne Frank 
  • The Foreigner  
  • The Importance of Being Earnest 
  • The Miracle Worker 
  • Music Man  

We also a stock of the following items: 

  • Greco-Roman Period Costumes 
  • Elizabethan Period Costumes 
  • 17th Century Period Costumes 
  • 18th Century Period Costumes 
  • 19th Century Period Costumes 
  • 20th Century Period Costumes 

Special Notes on Costume Rentals: 

  • We do not rent shoes/boots, corsets, wigs, men's shirts, or other delicate period pieces. 
  • We do not rent costumes to individuals for private parties, Halloween, etc.  
  • Some costumes may not be rentable due to the fact that they are being used in upcoming UW-Parkside productions. 
  • The Costume Lab Supervisor has the final say in determining what items can be rented for a period of time and the appropriate costs for such rentals. 
  • Costumes are expected to be returned clean and in good condition, as indicated in the letter of agreement that will be created for each rental. 
  • We will do our best to make our rentals cost-effective to meet your budgetary needs and limitations.
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