Marketable Skills of Theatre Majors

As a Theatre Major at UW-Parkside you’ll learn about all aspects of the theatrical art form. All theatre majors – regardless of their focus or concentration – take theatre “core” courses in the areas of theatre production, acting, directing, design, theatre history, dramatic literature, make up, stagecraft, costume craft, and two courses focusing on the profession and business of theatre. We offer over 50 different courses in theatre – offering you a complete range of courses that cover a wide variety of specialized areas, including dance, voice and movement, stage combat, playwriting, CAD, stage management, arts administration, theatre technology, and design courses in every major area of theatre.

Our extensive theatre production seasons will offer you an almost unlimited number of opportunities to practice, apply, and develop the skills, talents, and knowledge that you learn about in the classroom. Because our program is “quality capped” at 65 total theatre majors (7:1 student/staff ratio) you will be guaranteed the opportunity to become as active and involved in the program. You will also learn practical production skills through possible employment opportunities in the Theatre Arts Department, including work in the costume and scene shops, work on creating sets and properties for the Fireside Professional Theatre, or working on national tours and theatre events that are a part of the ArtsAlive Series.

The career and life skills that you’ll discover, explore, and develop as a Theatre Arts major are many. The vast majority of our graduates are:

Positive, Open Minded, Patient, Collaborative, Team-Oriented

Due to the collaborative, task-oriented nature of theatre you will be able to work more effectively and efficiently individually or with a group. You will learn to build and maintain relationships with agents, employers, and peers in your field and to market your many skills and talents. Developing your interpersonal skills and networking with others in the industry will help you succeed in whatever career field you choose. Theatre gives you countless opportunities to engage your positive creative energy and spirit, become more open minded about the diverse world around you, and to better understand the problem-solving process that is required in completing a finished product in a timely manner.

Creative, Innovative, and Original

The study of theatre will help you better understand and express your own creativity and to appreciate the creativity of others. You will be challenged to be knowledgeable about different areas of theatre, art, dance, music, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences. As you explore your own perspectives within these diverse areas of study, you will have the opportunity to open yourself up to the new and innovative opportunities and ideas that exist outside your own safe world. You will also be encouraged to take courses in technology, public relations, advertising, business, and education to help market your skills or prepare for different kinds of careers within the industry. Explore what sets you apart from others and use it to your advantage.

Energetic, Enthusiastic, and Flexible

The study of theatre will help you adapt to changing and challenging situations, take risks, and work hard as an active member of a group or community. This active, collaborative process will bring out a natural energy and enthusiasm in you and the group as you commit to solving creative challenges. You will discover that collaboration, flexibility, and compromise are essential aspects of all group projects and endeavors. These life skills and attitudes are key to successful careers in the theatre – and in life in general.

Confident, Clear, and Concise in Communication

A major in theatre arts will help you sharpen and develop your skills in reading, writing, public speaking, and artistic expression – helping you to communicate more effectively in all situations. Excellent communication skills are essential for presenting ideas to diverse audiences for different purposes and settings – and are perhaps the most important benefits of a college education that prepares you for fulfilling lives and careers. As a theatre arts major you will get many opportunities to become more confident, clear, concise, and articulate in explaining your creative ideas, insights, and personal expressions.

Versatile, Adaptable, and Resourceful

As a theatre arts major at UW-Parkside you will have the opportunity to learn more about every aspect of theatre – and all of the arts, humanities, and sciences -- making you more versatile and adaptable individual and artist. We will also introduce you to the latest in theatre scholarship and technology, helping you to discover and utilize an entire world of resources and opportunities to continue learning. Our goal is to inspire you to become a life-long learner and a versatile, adaptable problem solver who knows how to access the resources needed to make informed decisions.

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