Rachel Headley

Rachel Headley


  • General Geomorphology
  • River Monitoring
  • Glacial Geology
  • Glaciology
I'm a geomorphologist and glacial geologist with my PhD from University of Washington and a BS in physics from University of Maryland-College Park. For research, I've also worked in Alaska and worked and lived Germany. In my spare time, I race bikes and cross-country ski.

Teaching Interests

I'm interested in incorporating best practice pedagogy into traditional geology courses. Most of my courses are focused on processed-based approaches to geological problems, such as geomorphology and glacial geology.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on how glaciers influence topography. My work has ranged from mountainous, currently glaciated settings in Alaska to the local SE, postglacial Wisconsin topography. I am interested in quantitative and field-based approaches to landscape evolution.

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

2017: Climate change: River redirected, Nature Geoscience (327–328 pp.)

2014: Ice flow models and glacial erosion over multiple glacial–interglacial cycles, Earth Surface Dynamics Discussion (389-428 pp.)

2013: An examination of the interplay between glacial processes and exhumation in the St. Elias Range, Alaska,, Geosphere

2012: Glacier longitudinal profiles in regions of active uplift, Earth and Planetary Science Letters

2012: Spatial distribution of glacial erosion rates in the St. Elias range, Alaska, inferred from a realistic model of glacier dynamics, Journal of Geophysical Research

Teaching Awards

2021: First, this program provides an opportunity for colleagues to work together to improve online learning across UW System. Second, it provides an ongoing opportunity to ensure high quality online instruction. Third, the program provides a credential demonstrating mastery of best practices in online teaching and learning, which may be utilized in support of tenure and promotion, Certificate in Online Learning, University of Wisconsin System
2019: Individuals who earn this certificate have satisfied the expectations of an ACUE course, including successful completion of at least 25 modules aligned to ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework. Certificate holders have demonstrated knowledge of and skill in implementing teaching practices that promote student achievement. Certificate holders typically have invested approximately 50 hours to meet course requirements., Effective Teaching Practices Certificate, ACUE
ENVS 101 - Intro to Environmental Studies
ENVS 109 - Fundamentals of Climate Change
ENVS 499 - Independent Study:
GEOS 301 - Geomorphology
GEOS 355 - Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
GEOS 495 - Senior Seminar
GEOS 499 - Independent Study:
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