Robert "Bob" Sasso, Ph.D., R.P.A.

  • Associate Professor - Anthropology
  • Geography and Anthropology Department
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1989
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2169
  • EMAIL:
Robert Sasso


  • North American Archaeology
  • Upper Midwest Prehistoric
  • Historical Archaeology
A native of Wilmette, Illinois, Dr. Robert Sasso is an anthropologist and archaeologist with research expertise in the archaeology of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region of North America. He has worked on prehistoric and historic era archaeological sites here for over forty years, with interests in human relationships with the environment, subsistence practices, settlement patterns, Native American agricultural sites and practices, cultural contact between Euro-American and Native American peoples, the historic fur trade, and early Euro-American settlement in the Upper Midwest. Dr. Sasso received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Anthropology from Northwestern University, where he was awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant. He teaches courses in general Anthropology, Archaeology, Human Evolution, Forensic Anthropology, and Archaeological Field and Laboratory Methods. He has served as the Coordinator of the Museum Studies Certificate program since 2003. Dr. Sasso received the university’s Advising Award in 2007.

Teaching Interests

General Anthropology, Archaeology, Archaeology Field and Laboratory Methods, Physical Anthropology, Human Evolution, Forensic Anthropology, North American Archaeology, Human Ecology, Stone Toolmaking and Lithic Analysis; High-Impact Learning Practices; Student Research

Research Interests

Later Prehistoric Oneota Archaeology; Early Nineteenth Century Archaeology of the Western Great Lakes, Focused on Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois; Prehistoric and Early Historic Native American Agriculture in the Upper Midwest; Human Subsistence and Settlement Patterns; Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Bison Exploitation in the Eastern Prairies of the Upper Midwest

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

: Revisiting Late Precontact Agricultural Practices in the Upper Midwest, TBA

2021: Nineteenth-Century Potawatomi Sites and Material Culture in Southeastern Wisconsin. , The Wisconsin Archeologist (123-129. pp.)

2018: University of Wisconsin-Parkside and Kenosha Public Museum: Montgomery Site Investigations, 2017, The Wisconsin Archeologist (238-245 pp.)

2015: Review of Bison Remains at Late Prehistoric Oneota Sites in Wisconsin, The Wisconsin Archeologist (173-184 pp.)

2011: GIS Analysis of Nineteenth Century Potawatomi Site Selection in Southeastern Wisconsin. , The Wisconsin Archeologist (45-61 pp.)

2011: University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha Public Museum, and Heartland Archaeology Research Program: Vieau Site Research Update. , The Wisconsin Archeologist (129-131 pp.)

2008: Ridged and Corn Hill Agricultural Fields: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa, Examples of Late Prehistoric Agriculture in the Midwest., Greenwood Publishing Group (169-172 pp.)

: Ridged and Corn Hill Agricultuiral Fields of the Late Prehistoric and Historic Periods in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. , Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia, edited by Francis P. McManamon. Greenwood Publishing Group, London, England. (7 pp.)

2006: Ethnohistory and Archaeology: The Removal Era Potawatomi Lifeway in Southeastern Wisconsin. , Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 31(1). Accepted; Refereed ISSN 0146-1109; pages 165-201. (36 pp.)

2003: Agricultural Places and the Oneota Lifeway in Wisconsin, Praeger Publishers (13 pp.)

2003: Vestiges of Ancient Cultivation: The Antiquity of Garden Beds and Corn Hills in Wisconsin., Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology (195-231 pp.)

2001: Observations on the Oneota Cultivation Sites in Winnebago County., The Wisconsin Archeologist (125-138 pp.)

Service Awards

2013: Awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership Status. , Awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership Status, Professional, Iowa Archeological Society
2013: Nominated for President-Elect of Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc.
(Regretfully Declined Nomination)., Officer Nomination, Professional Archaeological Organization, Professional, Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc.

Departmental Service

: Committee Member - Member, Executive Committee.
: Committee Member - Anthropology Major Proposal Development Committee
2020: Other - Updating and Revising Departmental Entry in AAA AnthroGuide
2020: Task Force Chair - Developed Applied Archaeology Certificate Program
2020: Other - Miscellaneous
2020: Other - Participant/Attendee Geography Senior Seminar Presentations 2020
2019: Other - Attended Committee on Academic Planning Meeting
2019: Other - Contacted Colleagues at UW-Milwaukee Regarding Possible Soils Course Instructors
2019: Other - Updated/Edited American Anthropological Association Academic Departmental Guide, UWP Anthropology Program Listing
2019: Committee Member - Duncan Scholarship Student Selection Work
2019: Other - Provided and Introduction, Assistance, and Information on the Anthropology Teaching Collection

College Service

2020: Other - Provided Information for Inclusion in CSSPS Annual Report
2020: Other - Participant, CSSPS Spring 2020 All College Meeting 2020
2019: - Participant, 2019 CSSPS Vision Quest
2019: - Provided feedback to CSSPS on Draft of 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

University Service

: Task Force Chair - Land Acknowledgement Statement Committee
: Committee Member - UW-Parkside Student Showcase Steering Committee Member
2022: Committee Member - Academic Policies Committee
2021: Other - Provided Information on Museum Internship Requirements for Planned Museum
2020: Other - Provided an Assessment of Anthropology Course Equivalency for Transfer Credits from Marquette University
2020: Other - Provided Covid-19-related Public Health Suggestion to Provost's Office in Response to Request
2020: Other - Provided Museum Studies Information to Ethnic Studies and Mathis Gallery
2020: Committee Member - Scholarship Selection Subcommittee, Awards and Ceremonies Committee
2019: Other - Researched and Developed Data Regarding Directed Studies and Internships for Provost
2019: Other - Provided Peer Assessment of Teaching for Assistant Professor William D. Singesen

Professional Service

2020: Other - Multiple Archaeological and Anthropological Institutions and Firms
2019: Other - Multiple Archaeological and Anthropological Institutions and Firms
2019: Committee Member - Officer Nomination Committee, Midwest Archaeological Conference
2019: Other - Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc.

Public Service

2020: Other - Department of Geography and Anthropology, UW-Parkside
2020: Other - Mr. William Kroncke
2020: Other - Kristi Sretenovich, Salem, WI
2020: Other - UW-Parkside Alumni
2020: Other - UW-Parkside
2020: Other - Department of Geography and Anthropology, UW-Parkside
2020: Other - Kenosha County Archaeological Society
2020: Other - Indian Trail High School
ANTH 100 - Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 201 - Archaeology
ANTH 202 - Human Evolution
ANTH 227 - North American Indians (DV)
ANTH 300 - Topics-Data Collectn/Analysis:
ANTH 310 - Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 327 - Archaeology of North America
ANTH 491 - Anthropology Fieldwork
ANTH 494 - Internship in Anthropology
ANTH 499 - Independent Study:
SOCA 227 - North American Indians (DV)
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