Cultural Connection Program Guidelines

Participants in UW-Parkside’s Cultural Connection Program, or any program/event sponsored by UWP’s Office of International Student Services/Study Abroad, agree to adhere to the following guidelines*: 

  1. Participants must show sensitivity and respect toward the diverse perspectives and customs of international participants, including, but not limited to, religious, political, and cultural beliefs.  Hosts shall notify their student of any religious or political activity that has been planned during the time they will spend together, and obtain consent of participation in the activity prior to.  Please be mindful of the fact that in some cultures, it is impolite or inappropriate to say “No” to one’s face, so providing a way(s) for students to decline participation in such activities should be given (i.e. share a couple of different options of activities that could be done and ask them to choose, rather than just state one).  This is not to say that political and religious conversations should always be avoided, but rather, it is important to ensure that the student feels safe and that their traditions and beliefs are valued. 

  2. Participants should take the appropriate regard for personal and confidential information that the student may share. 

  3. Participants will keep an open-mind and appreciate and respect diversity at all times. 

  4. Participants are not responsible to becoming involved in legal issues associated with the student or for financially supporting the student.  The Office of International Student Services at UW-Parkside is responsible for advising and providing assistance to students who are experiencing academic, medical, financial, immigration/visa problems, and/or regarding employment restrictions.
*NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Principles

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