What Is an IFC Friend or Family?

Becoming a friend to an international student is an opportunity for local families and individuals to learn to share history and culture.  It means discovering differences and similarities in values and beliefs, hopes and ambitions.  If you’ve ever wanted to involve yourself or your family in global understanding, this is your chance.  Most members come from ALL (Adventures in Lifelong Learning), an organization of active retired citizens but we welcome individuals and families of all ages. 

Qualities we look for and benefits you’ll derive as an international friendship family are:

  • A warm, open minded, non-judgmental, welcoming sense
  • An interest in sharing our American culture and lifestyle
  • An interest in learning a different culture
  • The desire to include an international student in your community or family
  • An acceptance of other cultures

Families often want to get involved as soon as the international student arrives on campus.  You can demonstrate your support by welcoming the students and assisting with transportation.  Students need to be picked up at a local airport and may need overnight accommodations because often they arrive before the residence life/dormitories open.  Families often offer to give students a local tour, assist with shopping for dorm supplies, etc.   

If you are a curious person with a desire to learn about the world we live in by meeting one international student at a time, this may be a great way to get involved.  Seeing our culture through an international student’s eyes is rewarding and enriching.  You’ll increase your knowledge about another country, learn about their way of life, foods, religion and language. Many longtime friendships have started through this program and we invite you to join us as we share our lives and in the process, make the world a smaller place!


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