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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Major

Criminal justice is one of our most popular academic programs. There are plenty of reasons why the criminal justice major enjoys such a strong reputation. 

  • Internships: Each summer, many juniors and seniors participate in 3- to 6-credit programs throughout the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor.
  • Diverse faculty: Students of color comprise a large portion of the criminal justice student population and view the instructors and staff as role models.
  • Day and evening classes: The flexible program schedule attracts traditional and nontraditional students.
  • Research opportunities: Faculty regularly include students in professional criminal-justice association meetings. Students have had the opportunity to present at meetings of the Midwest Criminal Justice Association, and the American Sociology Association.

Our students can use their knowledge in criminal justice in a variety of ways: to improve the current justice system, exercise reasoned judgment to advance the scientific basis of criminal justice practices, and promote ethical principles.

Real Opportunities
In a growing career field that consists of many different specializations, understanding criminal behavior as well as the governing legal system is a great asset to society. Criminal justice provides a wide array of studies including criminology, policing, the courts, juvenile delinquency/juvenile justice, and corrections which pave the way to influential careers concerning these topics as well as government law, paralegal, private-practices, correctional treatment specialists, and more.
Amazing Results
Brian Coffman ('01) was a variety of things at Parkside, not to mention being a stellar student. Coffman also played basketball and was a member of the Rangers golf team. Brian is now a successful attorney in the Chicago area and credits criminal justice for opening many career opportunities.
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