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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Today, more people access the internet via a mobile device than a traditional computer, and applications for mobile devices are exploding in popularity.

As businesses and organizations catch up with the mobile trend, demand for mobile software will continue to grow, so mobile development skills will be increasingly important.

The Computer Science Department offers a certificate in mobile development for students interested in careers involving developing mobile applications for tablet computers and mobile phones. With the rise in popularity and functionality of mobile devices, the need for skilled mobile developers has increased. 

The mobile app certificate provides students a background in writing software for multiple mobile device platforms, designing user interfaces for mobile devices, and designing networking architecture to connect mobile devices to each other.

Individuals may enter the program at any point, depending on background and experience.  Students will gain practical hands-on knowledge of the tools used to both create and monitor mobile apps for various devices including. 

Learn more about the Computer Science Department at Parkside. 

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