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Sustainable Management

Online Sustainable Management Major

It's no secret our world and business environments are always changing. More than ever, an understanding of sustainability and the triple bottom line is key to giving you a competitive edge in today's employment marketplace. For this reason, the University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management Programs and the online degree completion sustainable management major are thoughtfully designed with input from 21st century businesses across the United States.

Curriculum is hands-on. Real-world problems are faced head-on. And you learn to develop triple bottom line business expertise that balances profitability with the needs of the environment and the wider communities in which we live.
True sustainability requires finding balance among four main objectives:
  • social progress that takes into account the needs of everyone
  • protection of the natural environment
  • careful and considered use of natural resources
  • steady and increasing levels of economic growth and employment.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management Guide

For more information contact:
Sustainable Management (undergraduate) - Dr. Joy Wolf (262) 595-2914
Master of Science in Sustainable Management - Dr. John Skalbeck (262) 595-2490

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Real Opportunities
Online courses have more flexibility than in-person offerings. Students still have deadlines and due dates, but there is never a specific time you need to be online. This allows greater flexibility for work and family obligations. Online learning eliminates the need to drive to campus, find a place to park, and hike to the classroom.
Amazing Results
Already, businesses in Wisconsin and the United States are beginning to understand and pay close attention to their use of natural resources and the way in which they impact human welfare. Concerns may include escalating energy costs, fresh water supplies, global climate change, or all of the above as they factor into the triple bottom line.
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