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Getting Ready

We want to help you find the study abroad option that best fits you! Whether you are interested in traveling for a week, a month or the entire year, there is a great program waiting for you.

Take a few minutes to explore the factors that will help you make the best study abroad choice.  Feel free to visit the Study Abroad Office so that you can "talk through" the hundreds of possibilities.


Academic Fit

Students that plan for study abroad early have the easiest time fitting international courses into their academic program.  General education courses are often the most flexible international course options, although some academic majors can access an abundance of new applicable course options. If you think study abroad is for you, visit the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible. 

Students applying late in their academic program may want to look closely at faculty-led programs from their academic major or opportunities based in English-speaking nations.  Non-English speaking countries offer fewer English courses, although language students, depending upon their proficiency, may have access more options.

Study abroad courses are pre-approved at Parkside before you travel.  In that way, you can be assured that with a passing grade your efforts will transfer in with ease.

Each program has varying admission criteria.  Check out the requirements of a program that interests you!

Financial Fit

Parkside students receive thousands of dollars of study abroad grants each year (FAFSA required).  If you are considering a program, visit the Study Abroad office to obtain a program aid application.  You will be considered for the Wisconsin Study Abroad grant, the Global Scholars grant and other country specific grants.

Learn about federal/state aid for study abroad.

If you are a Pell grant recipient, you should also consider applying for the Benjamin J. Gilman International Scholarship, which awards up to $5,000 for studying abroad.


Study abroad costs vary from program to program.  Here are some hints in finding affordable options:

  • Complete your financial aid FAFSA.  This is the first step to a Study Abroad grant and other funding!
  • Exchange programs are usually the most affordable choices.  Students pay their Parkside tuition at home and their living expenses while abroad. 
  • Airfare is a significant part of a travel budget.  While distance is an important factor, the time of year can also make a difference.  Winterim and Spring Break fares are often the lowest of the year.
  • Less popular destinations are often more affordable.  You might be a person that likes to "go off the beaten path". 
  • Lodging with host families is usually a great value.  Not only do you eat well but you gain a deeper cultural understanding.

Check out our list of "Affordable Value Programs" (below)

Financial Policies (pdf)
Country Fit

 Choose a study abroad program that offers attractive academic opportunities in an inviting location.  Before you decide on a destination, take time to do some research.  Check out:

Program Options

There are many types of study abroad programs. Every year Parkside professors develop courses with a travel component. If Parkside faculty-led programs don't fit your plans, look at those open to you from our University of Wisconsin partners.

For those interested in a longer adventure, consider traveling for a summer or semester. Our semester abroad partners serve hundreds of US students, each welcomed to their new campuses with an onsite group orientation. Our students are not only supported by an international office, but also by many new friends that are also joining the program. 

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