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Getting Set

Now that you have selected a study abroad program that interests you, it is time to make your travel plans.  The Study Abroad Office will help guide you through this process.

Application Packet

Application Packet

Students interested in studying abroad must complete the following paperwork.

For all study abroad participants:

  • First Step to Study Abroad Form
  • Refund & Withdrawal Policy Form
  • Health Self-Assessment & Emergency Contact Form
  • Release of Information Form
For all participants of faculty-led programs:
  • UWP Risk and Release Form for Faculty Led Programs
For all participants of partner provider programs (non-Parkside programs):
  • UWP Risk and Release Form for Provider Programs
  • Advance Transfer of Credit Form or Advance Transfer of Credit Form for Wisconsin in Scotland
  • All application forms required by the Partner Provider program.  Be sure to check application deadlines!
Travel Planning

U.S. Passports

All citizens require a passport before traveling abroad.  U.S. Passports usually take 6-8 weeks (although processing can be expedited for an extra fee). Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after you leave the US. To obtain a U.S. passport, you will need 2 official photos, an original birth certificate, and fees.  See US Passports


While passports are issued by your home country, visas are issued by the country to which you are traveling. Different countries have different tourist, student and work visa regulations.  To check whether you need a student visa (which is stamped in your passport), contact your study abroad provider, the US State Department Country Information Website or the ISS/SA Office.

Booking flights

  • STA Travel - Specializes in student travel. Also offers International Student Identity Cards (ISIC). Take a look at the $49 flight deposits and other tools specially designed for students needing flexibility.
  • Student Universe - Also specializes in student travel.
  • KAYAK.com: Compares many different travel sites. Allows you to create a Price Alert that will email you when a ticket price goes down. Kayak.com is also great for booking your weekend travels/vacations while you're abroad.
Before booking a flight…
  • Make sure taxes are included
  • Check luggage costs
  • Check cancellation and return flight policies.
  • Check the penalty fees for changing your home flight.  You may decide to travel after your studies!
  • Layovers: If you have a layover, make sure you have ample time to go through customs and catch your second flight. Also be absolutely sure that you will fly out from the same airport you come in on (not the one across town)!
  • If you have any doubts about your travel plans, consider purchasing trip insurance along with your airline ticket.  Most airline companies offer this service.
Health and Safety

The Parkside ISS/SA Office wants you to feel safe, healthy and well-prepared for your study abroad program.  We put great effort into selecting suitable study abroad partners and sites that will ensure the safety of our students.

We require that you attend an international orientation meeting before you depart and arrange for you to receive an onsite orientation when you arrive to your destination.  We expect that students will adhere to all safety recommendations of their program.

To learn about health and safety issues specific to your destination, check out this great website specially designed for students abroad!  https://travel.state.gov/content/studentsabroad/en.html   

Vaccinations & Prescriptions:  http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel

Study Abroad Insurance

All Parkside students are required to have international health insurance coverage.  The Parkside ISS/SA Office (or our study abroad partners) enroll students in a plan that includes medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation/repatriation, local health referrals and many other services.  You should receive an email linking you to your insurance plan before you depart. 

Enroll in the STEP Program

The U.S. State Department encourages you to register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), to ensure that the local Embassies/Consulates are aware of your presence in the country.

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