Resources for Students Returning from Study Abroad

You may want to extend your experience abroad with some activities here at UW-Parkside, the surrounding communities, or in your hometown. For example, at UW-Parkside, you may want to assist with the Study Abroad Fair, attend the Foreign Film Series, enroll in the International Studies Major, Minor or Global Studies Certificate program, or attend one of the many international functions sponsored by the International Education Office. You may also want to consider attending the International Friendship Hours at UW-Parkside, attend a lecture by a well-known international speake,r or practice your newly acquired language in the language lab. See the International Education Office's website for more information on events and study abroad programs.

Also, you may want to attend one of the many colorful international festivals in Racine, Kenosha, Chicago and Milwaukee. Milwaukee hosts Irish Fest, Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, Fiesta Mexicana, German Fest, Asian Moon Fest, Bastille Days, and Arab Fest.  Further, you can keep yourself involved with current international issues by reading international newspapers and watching international channels on television.

Finally, don’t forget to integrate your powerful experience into your coursework or into your everyday life. Share your knowledge and experience with others.   Remember to strive to be a global citizen!

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Evaluate Your Program


We welcome you back from your study or internship abroad. We’re sure you have many photos and stories to share. Returned participants offer the best insight into changes and improvements to our programs. We hope that you can assist the International Education Office-Study Abroad by taking a few minutes to complete an evaluation of your experience. This evaluation will be sent out to you. In doing so, you are helping us advise future students going abroad, and you're providing other important information for the office. It's also rewarding and enjoyable for you to  think and write about your experience. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it!


Program Evaluation

Schedule Your Reentry Meeting

The International Education Office-Study Abroad, would like you to schedule a meeting to share your experiences with us. Please contact us at (262) 595-2701. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your experience. For your meeting, please bring photos and other interesting items you may have picked up along the way.  We’ll discuss future activities, such as your involvement in Study Abroad Fairs and class presentations.

Re-entry and Adjustment


Marketing your Study Abroad Experience


Staying Involved

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Work or Volunteer Abroad

Searching for Programs

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