Why Study Abroad?

We are pleased that you are interested in studying abroad. Although studying in another country can be challenging, it is an essential way to learn how others view our country and the world. Immersion in another culture offers us insight into ourselves and our culture; it also helps us acquire or build on a second language.  In addition, studying or traveling can transform your life and your career. In this global environment, employers search increasingly for graduates with rich life experiences and unique skills. A study abroad experience on your resume helps you stand out; it also attracts employers seeking people with good interpersonal skills and abilities.

Past study abroad participants have reported the following:
  • They had the opportunity to re-examine their lives, attitudes, and career goals in view of what they learned during their experience.
  • They found the experience of studying at another university to be academically challenging and rewarding. Students can view subjects from different perspectives, contrast styles of teaching and learning, and enroll in courses not offered at our campus.
  • Studying abroad gave them a chance to see a different part of the world and make new friends. Although learning takes place everywhere, there is no substitute for experiencing the world's great art, architecture, music, religion, and literature first hand in the locations where these originated. Local people who know the places the best can help you experience them more vividly.
If this sounds interesting, the International Education Office-Study Abroad can help you get there.


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