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Campus Colleague Resources

The Advising and Career Center team is grateful to partner with campus colleagues to enhance our shared commitment to student success.

Virtual Advisor Resource Center

You will find information on this site to enhance and support your role as an academic advisor. The Advisor Resource Center automatically appears on your D2L homepage if your role at Parkside includes advising students. 
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Class Presentations and Workshops

The Advising and Career Center hosts a variety of workshops and presentations to students throughout the academic year. In addition to this programming, we would be happy to accommodate a request to present one of our topics to your class, to a campus club, or even to faculty and department staff. We have even tailored presentations for specific audiences and purposes.  
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Parkside Advisor Network Meeting

The Parkside Advisor Network Meeting is a monthly forum for the UW-Parkside Advising Community to connect for the sharing of information and dialogue on topics related to advising towards the intellectual, personal, and educational needs of our students.  It serves as a wonderful opportunity to build a network of resources to enhance the success of our students.  We welcome you to join us for this time of discussion and the exchange of ideas regarding advising and its role in the retention, persistence, and graduation of our students.
See details about the next Parkside Advisor Network Meeting

RangerTrak: Opportunity Board (Faculty Portal)

The UW-Parkside Advising and Career Center offers a free and easy to use resource for students and alumni seeking opportunities in employment, internships, and community engagement. RangerTrak has connected student and alumni users to future endeavors, and soon we will be offering a RangerTrak portal specifically for advisors to better familiarize yourself with the opportunities that exist for Parkside talent. 
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