Advising top 10

Top 10 questions for your advisor

10.   How do I register for classes?

You register through SOLAR! If you're having trouble you can watch a tutorial video or you can schedule an appointment with your advisor to walk you through the process. Watch a quick tutorial on picking classes.


9.   Why can't I register for classes?

It's probably because of one or both of these two things:

The first is your enrollment time. There is a certain day and time that you can start to register. Everyone's time is different and you can check your SOLAR Student Center to find out yours.

The second reason could be because of a "Hold". If you have any holds you won't be able to register for classes. The most common hold is the Academic Advising Hold which is put on everyone's account every semester. To lift the Advising hold you'll have to meet with your Academic Advisor.

Watch this tutorial to see what we are talking about.


8.   What classes should I take?

That's complicated. Use your DARS to find out which courses take care of which requirements. Remember, your DARS is made just for you. You can also use the online Academic Catalog and Course Schedule to explore and plan. The reality is: if you aren't sure what to take, you should talk to your advisor. You and your advisor can work together to make the schedule that best fits you.


7.   How do I pick a Major?

That's a big question! It's a question that will take time and attention, and we are here to help. Whether you have no idea or even a little one, we can help walk you through the steps to make the right choice and the right fit for you.How do I pick a major is a big enough question that we've given it its own page!


6.   Can you help me write a resume and cover letter?

Of course we can. We can start from scratch or we can work on something you've already started. We'll even take it one step further and help you get your resume into employers' hands.


5.   I'm having trouble this semester can you help?

The good news is you have lots of help available. Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Or like you need a nudge in the right direction? No matter what the problem is we can tackle it together. Add? Drop? Withdraw? Appeal? Retroactive credits? Study help? Time management? Don't know how to connect with a professor? Transfer credits? Placement testing? SAP? You name it we can figure it out together.


4.   I'm on academic Warning/Probation/Suspension. What does that mean?

Usually this means that your GPA dropped. It also means that we want to help you bring it back up. Get in touch with your advisor ASAP. For more details, read the Academic Probation Policy.


3.   What should I do after college?

How about this question: what do you want to do? Let's start there. The great thing about your academic advisor is that he or she is also your career advisor. They have tools, resources, and advice to help you discover what's next. Connect with your advisor to find ways to make your professional dreams a reality. And don't forget about RangerTrak: Opportunity Board, career and internship fairs, and graduate school fairs.


2.   How do I read my DARS?

Check out our tutorial on DARS or schedule an appointment.All of our Advisors speak DARS fluently.


1.   Who should I talk to about …?

While we would like to say we know everything, one of our best skills is getting you to where you need to go. We can easily point you to the person, office, paperwork, or resource you're looking for. For a quick question you can call us at 262-595-2040, visit us in Wyllie D175 or send us an e-mail:

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345