What is academic suspension?

Suspension occurs if a student is already on probation and earns a UWP term GPA lower than a 2.25. Click here to see the full Warning, Probation, and Suspension policy.

What can I do about suspension?

You must contact your advisor to discuss your academic suspension, assess your current status, explore options listed below, and plan for academic success.

Appeal Suspension
You may petition for another chance to be allowed to return by submitting the Academic Action Appeal form and explaining what situations/behaviors led to your suspension and what will change should you be readmitted (if you had some sort of medical situation you should also include documentation). Learn more about appealing a suspension.

Take a Year Off
This is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your goals and determine the importance of your education, alter your lifestyle and develop strategies to ensure your success. To return after taking a year or more off, you must reapply online through Admissions and complete the appeal process.

Take Classes at Another Institution and Then Reapply in the Future

This allows you the opportunity to prove that you can be successful. Once you reapply, you will need to submit official transcripts to Admissions and complete the appeal process.

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