Appeal Letter Guidelines

The academic appeal process involves a petition for an exception to an academic policy, procedure, and/or deadlines. Academic appeals are adjudicated by the Academic Actions Committee. It is a serious matter and requires your thoughtful consideration and reflection on the nature of your appeal. Your appeal must have a defined purpose and rationale that is clearly articulated in the written narrative. These recommendations have been designed to assist you in writing your narrative. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your advisor for assistance.

  • Your appeal narrative must be typed. Your name must be included. Your signature should be at the end of the narrative.
  • Your narrative must state the type of appeal; be clear and specific.
  • What are you appealing? 
  • What are you asking to be changed or waived?
  • You should also state the grounds for your appeal. Provide detailed and substantiated reasoning for your appeal; your rationale should be well-defined.
  • What is your argument? 
  • Why should your appealed be considered?
  • Do you have documented evidence to support your argument?
  • Your narrative must include a description of the condition/event/situation and its impact on you and your decision to submit an appeal. This should include a timeline of events, the extent to which this condition/event/situation affected you and the current state of the condition/event/situation.
  • You must state how your requested exception to an academic policy will impact your academic status and/or progress.
You are required to submit supporting documentation. The following list includes some types of supporting documents. You must determine and secure the supporting documents which substantiate your appeal. You should only submit documents which are relevant to your appeal. NOTE:  These are just examples; it is not a complete list.
  • Letters of recommendation from advisor, instructor, or employer
  • Medical documentation – letter from physician or medical provider
  • Legal documents or reports

The documentation you submit will only be used for the review of your appeal to the Academic Actions Committee. You may request that these documents be returned to you upon completion of the review.

It is recommended that you work with your advisor to prepare your appeal.  Email for additional information.

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