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Advising and Career Center
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Networking Strategies

Don't forget to connect with an advisor for additional guidance and feedback!

Attend a Career Fair or Internship Fair... Prepared!

Every year, the Advising and Career Center partners with the entire campus community to welcome local, regional, and national employers to our annual Internship Fair in the fall and the Career Fair in the Spring.

Build and Maintain Your Network

Effective networking is a combination of three things: what you know; who you know; and how effectively you use what you know and who you know to learn about new opportunities, make new contacts, and connect with potential employers.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations are great places to connect with working professionals at all levels and learn about job, internship and scholarship opportunities in fields and industries that interest you. See a list compiled by our friends at Campus Career Coach.

Young Professional Groups

At Parkside, you are in close proximity to two amazing young professional groups in our backyard and many more in the region. Check out Kenosha's YLink (Young Leaders in Kenosha) and Racine's YPR (Young Professionals of Racine) for unlimited networking potential.

CareerSpots Videos 

The Parkside community has access to hundreds of quick videos on a variety of career related topics, including networking. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can watch videos to gain insight from industry professionals, career service experts, and students from Universities across the country. 

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