BankMobile Vibe Account

Expecting a refund? The BankMobile* Vibe Account is available for students to receive refunds. Once you are enrolled in classes, BankMobile will send an enrollment package to your permanent address. You may use the Personal Code enclosed to set-up your refund preference. In case you do not receive your enrollment package, you will also receive an email with a Personal Code that can be used in place of the code from the mailing. You may choose between:

  • ACH deposit to another account.  Money is available in 2-3 business days.
  • Same business day deposit to the BankMobile Vibe Account.  After you choose this preference, BankMobile will send the Vibe Account Debit Card to your permanent address along with a temporary virtual card via email. Money is deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by UW-Parkside to BankMobile.

If you choose the BankMobile Vibe Account, the card provided serves as a debit card which you assign a PIN number for. You can retrieve your funds from any Allpoint ATM without service fees.

If you lose your BankMobile Vibe Account card, a replacement card can be ordered for $10.00 and you should receive the new card within 5-7 business days. Replacement cards can be ordered online through your Vibe Account or in person at the Cashier's Office.

BankMobile Customer Service Line: 1-866-897-2643

*HigherOne has changed their name to BankMobile. All HigherOne Ranger Choice cards that are currently active are still valid and can be used for future disbursements.



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