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Roommate Relationships

Having a college roommate can be a great experience that will lead to a lifetime of memories… however it is not always easy. Good communication and setting rules early on can help you make the most of this experience and be prepared to handle the challenges that may occur.

Roommate Agreement

Your Resident Advisor will provide you with a roommate agreement to help establish a set of standards for your room at the beginning of the semester.  Take it seriously.  The agreement will help you and your room address topics that are important to students.  Make sure that you and your roommate discuss the topics listed and work together to establish boundaries that you are both comfortable.

Talk to Your Roommate

A challenge or difficult situation may arise that will leave you feeling annoyed with your roommate.   Good communication is the key to overcoming these challenges.  Sit down and openly discuss with your roommate how are you are feeling and work together to come up with a solution that you are both comfortable about.

Talk to your Resident

Advisor If you have had a conversation with your roommate and you both were unable to come up with a solution, your Resident Advisor is a great resource.   Resident Advisors are trained in mediation techniques and can help facilitate those difficult conversations.  Your RA will refer to your roommate agreement and have a conversation with both you and your roommate.  Your RA will help you and your roommate reach an agreement or will refer both of you to the Hall Director of your building.

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