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Temperature Control Systems

For Ranger Hall:   Temperature is controlled by dial on the thermostat in the room.   

Temperature set point settings for the thermostat are: 

  • Lowest setting:  55 degrees
  • Highest setting: 85 degrees  

Please do not force the thermostat past these settings as it will de-calibrate the thermostat and will cause an inaccurate temperature.


For University Apartments:

For the thermostats located in the apartments, 1 is the coolest setting and 8 is the highest setting.

The thermostat located in the living room controls the heat supply for the entire apartment in the A & B apartments only.

The thermostat located in the living room in the C thru J apartments controls the heat supply for rooms 1 & 2 and the common areas.

The thermostat located in either rooms 3 or 4 controls the heat supply for those two rooms only.

The heat for all the apartments is a radiant heat; therefore, the clearer the heat registers can be kept, the better the heat circulation for that room will be.

If the outside temperature is around 60 degrees or above, the boilers automatically shut down; therefore, you will not receive any heat until the temperature drops and the boilers come back online.

All apartment occupants should discuss their heating requirements with one another and make sure that their windows are fully closed and locked while using the Air Conditioning/Heating Unit.


Pike River Suites

LCD Screen (A)

The LCD will scroll through the following settings on a continuous basis

  • Current Room temp that the thermostat is reading
  • The mode the system is in either heating or cooling
  • Occupied/Unoccupied status
  • Current outside air temperature
Status Lights (B) from left to right

(1) Fan status is lit when the fan for the suite is running

(2) Heating status is lit when the thermostat is calling for heat

(3) Cooling status is lit when the thermostat is calling for cooling

Button Instructions (C-G)

(C) Use the mode button to switch from heating to cooling mode that is appropriate for the season and weather.(Note:Chilled water for cooling is only available May through October when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees)

(D) Use the Fan button to change if the fan only comes on when the thermostat calls for heating/cooling (Auto) or run continuously (On).If your room temperature is higher or lower than the hallway temperature changing the fan to On will circulate the air in the suite and help even the temperature out

(E) Use the occupied button to change between occupied and unoccupied. The thermostat should be set to occupied most of the time but can be changed to unoccupied which will set the temperature to 65 for heating and 80 for cooling. This will help save energy if no one will be in the suite over a weekend or holiday break.

(F & G) To change the temperature set point in .5 degree increments use the up or down arrow keys. Temperature limits are up to 72 degrees for heating and down to 74 degrees for cooling.

Actions other than the instructions above may damage the thermostat and system. If the heating and cooling is not working file a work order by logging into MyHousing

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