Purchasing a student commuter permit

Commuter students (those who drive to campus) have the option of ordering their permit on-line and having the charge added to their student account or purchasing their permit at the University Police Department, Tallent 188.

To order a student commuter permit on-line and have the charge added to your student account, you must logon to your SOLAR account.

On the self service page, select the purchase parking permit link which is under finances.

Select the type of permit you would like to purchase. The charge will be added to your student account. You will need to pick up your permit and display it in your vehicle; simply ordering a permit does not count as having one. 

There may be a pickup table near the Concierge desk in the Student Center the first week of school. In the event that there is no pickup table, all parking permits must be picked up at the University Police Department. Students may still elect to place the charge on their student account, but they must pick up the permit at the University Police Department.

Students also have the option of paying by credit card, check, or cash at the University Police Department. 

All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid Parkside parking permit or risk being ticketed. University Police will not be checking cars for permits the first two weeks of Fall semester, as to allow students time to get their financial aid and purchase a permit. You can order on SOLAR and pick up a permit before paying your tuition bill; it is not required that your financial aid be disbursed before you buy a permit. All other parking rules and regulations must be followed. You may receive a courtesy reminder during this time.

Reminder: Spring semester permits expire at the end of Spring semester and do not cover the summer, which will require an additional permit purchase. Consider buying an Annual permit if you will be taking Summer semester classes. 
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