Purchasing a Housing Permit

Residence Life students (living on campus), may purchase their parking permit by logging on to their SOLAR account.

On the self service page, select the purchase parking permit link which is under finances. Then select purchase housing permit. The charge will be added to your student account. You will need to pick up your permit and display it in your vehicle; simply ordering a permit does not count as having one. You do not need to wait for your financial aid to be disbursed before ordering/picking up a permit.

You may pick up your permit after it is ordered at the University Police Department, Tallent 188. You will have the first two weeks of Fall semester to obtain a permit and display it in your vehicle, after that you can be cited for No Permit.

Residence Life Students also have the option of paying by credit card, check, or cash at the University Police Department.

Students moving out at semester may qualify for a refund, please contact University Police for information at (262) 595-2455. If you are moving into or out of housing at semester, you will need to swap your permit either to a commuter pass or to a housing pass. This can only be done at University Police.

NOTE: Residents who are taking summer classes as commuters must swap their permit for a commuter summer pass when Spring semester ends. This can be done at the University Police Department.

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