The following faculty and staff have pledged to act as allies to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, members of the UW-Parkside community. Their pledge includes: 

  • Do not discriminate or intentionally disrespect anyone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Provide support to any person who is dealing with homophobia so they will not feel alone

  • Provide support and information to people who are having difficulty understanding or dealing with the sexual orientation of others.

  • Stand up against heterosexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia

  • Work to create an inclusive environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations

  • Not attempt to sway the person to a different sexual orientation or viewpoint

Safe Zone

Janine Chiaverotti
Sergio Correa
Lisa Elliott
Gia Gutierrez
Betsy Ptack-Hollow
Diana Mantey

Advising and Career Center
Luis Benevoglienti
Gwen Jones

Jacob Yorg

Biology Dept
Natalia Taft

Campus Activities & Engagement
Carol Dalton

Campus Technology Services
Vincent Shaff
Cindy Sobczak

Chancellor's Office
Jean Hrpcek

College of Natural & Health Sciences
Latrice Marshall

College of Social Sciences & Professional Studies
Peggy James

Communications Dept
Fay Akindes
Jonathan Shailor
Adrienne Viramontes
Theresa Castor

Community Engagement
Debra Karp

Computer Science Dept
Heather Miles

Creative Services
Laura Mason
Alyssa Nepper

Criminal Justice Dept
Philip Wagner

Dean of Student's Office
Tammy McGuckin
Steve Wallner
Tamie Falk-Day

Diversity & Inclusion Office
Heather Kind-Keppell

Economics Dept
Norm Cloutier
Sarah Bahmani

English Dept
Teresa Coronado
Dana Oswald
Tara Pedersen

Geography Dept
John Ward

Geoscience Dept
Rachel Headley

Health, Exercise Science & Sport Management Dept
Bill Boppre

Human Resources Office
Amy Chostner
Amy Bobylak
Jill Jarapko

Innovations in Learning Office
Hannah Emery
Linda Wawiorka

Institutional Research and Assessment
John Standard
Katherine O’Connell Valuch

International Student Services & Study Abroad
Karin Basken

Learning Innovations
Maggie Lawler

Jennie Callas
Dina Kaye
Paige Barreto

LGBTQ Resource Center
Tay Davis

Heidi Ertl

Modern Languages
Gail Gonzalez

OMSA (Office of Multicultural Student Affairs)
Damian Evans
April Puryear

Office of New Student Services
Megan Del Frate

PARC (Parkside Academic Resource Center)
Kim White

Police and Public Safety
Officer Kelly Horvath
Chief Jim Heller
Officer Kurt Bergendahl

Provost Office
Rob Ducoffe
Gary Wood
Julie Lee
Amanda Welbon

Philosophy Dept
Jenny Keefe

Registrar's Office
Lori Turner
Lisa Giampaolo

Residence Life
Kara Hunter
Adrienne Patmythes
Elizabeth Stafford

Safety & Risk Management
Bob Grieshaber

Kate Gillogly
Mita Banerjee
Eleanora Hicks

Student Center
Stephanie Sirovatka-Marshall

Student Disability Services
Reneé Kirby
Ashley Charney
Jane Rohner

Student Health and Counseling Center
Shewanna Brown-Johnson
Ashley Charney
Mary Callahan
Marcy Hufendick
Brandon Hutchins
Michelle Nerdrum

Student Support Services
Chris Zanowski

Teacher Education
Jody Siker

Teaching & Learning Center
Jim Robinson

Theatre Arts Dept
Lisa Kornetsky
Nathan Stamper
Darice DaMata-Geiger

University Advancement
Karen Grabher