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Parking Permit Information

Providing adequate parking facilities and the proper supervision of campus traffic is a major activity on university campuses throughout the United States. This is especially true at institutions like UW-Parkside, where a large part of the student body commutes daily.

To protect students and visitors to UW-Parkside from automobile accidents, as well as to provide security for motor vehicles parked on the campus, the rules listed on this website and in the Parking Information brochure (given out when purchasing the permit) must be observed. Failure to comply may lead to the issuance of a University parking ticket and/or the towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.

UW-Parkside reserves the right to tow or impound any vehicle that is illegally parked or parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard, impedes vehicle or pedestrian movements, or impairs the operation of emergency equipment and/or the making of repairs. Owners will be required to pay all costs involved in removing and impounding vehicles.

A parking permit is just that: permission to park in either a commuter lot or a housing lot. It is not a guarantee that you will always be able to find a space in your favorite lot. Overflow parking is available for commuters in the Tallent lot. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a parking spot in any of the lots where your permit is valid, contact University Police at (262) 595-2455.

Do not ask friends, roommates, RAs, etc., where to park. If you have a question about the parking regulations or where to park, contact University Police for information.

Parking complaints not related to citations may be sent to parking@uwp.edu


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