Wellness and Strength/Conditioning Center Policies

  • An active membership is required for access. A ranger card must be presented for ID and membership tracking purposes:
    • All members must check in and out with every visit.
  • Safety is our primary concern:
    • Bags or any other tripping hazards are not permitted beyond the desk area.
    • Open drink containers and all food are not permitted.
    • Cell phone use is restricted to music only.
    • No call or texting.
  • Proper attire and behavior required at all times:
    • Non-offensive/non-revealing clothing.
    • Non-offensive language and mannerisms
    • Closed toe athletic type shoes (no sandals or flip flops).
    • Hard soled shoes (boots, dress shoes, etc.) may not be worn on cardiovascular machines.
  • All equipment and accessories must only be used in the manner in which they are designed and recommended by the manufacturer:
    • Collars must be utilized on all barbells.
    • Dumbbells or weight plates may not be dropped or thrown. The only exception is when utilizing bumper plates appropriately in designated areas.
    • Dumbbells or weight plates may not be placed on benches or machines,
    • Use of spotters (or staff) on all heavy lifts.
    • Re-rack weights and return all accessories to proper locations after use.
    • All equipment must be wiped down when finished.
    • Towels and disinfectant are available.
  • Non compliance with staff or policies can result in immediate expulsion and/or a permanent ban from the facilities.
    • Membership is a privilege, not a right.
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