RANGER RECOVERY: Updated mask / face covering requirements

We are excited to announce that, through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), UW-Parkside has been designated as a federal surge testing site. 

We will be operating the community testing site in Tallent Hall. Please see Campus Map for details on parking and building location.


Need help?

Community Testing eTN-  Our support line is: 1-800-635-8611. Our team can help with registration, technical issues and accessing results, among many other things. If the support representative needs assistance, the calls/questions/concerns are escalated to the appropriate eTrueNorth resource.


Campus Map

Hours of operation:
Mon-Thu  |  9 am-6 pm
Fri  |  9 am-1 pm


Schedule an appointment

Visit www.DoINeedaCOVID19Test.com and register for a COVID-19 Test.

** NOTE: You will need to create an account to make an appointment and to retrieve your test results.**

Get tested!

The testing process takes approximately 20-30 minutes, which includes receipt of the antigen test result. 

Next steps

If you receive a positive test result, you will be required to take a confirmatory PCR test which will be administered shortly after your inital test in the same location.

*Results from a PCR confirmatory test will be received in 3-4 days.*

Additional Resources

COVID Test Result Meanings
Told to isolate?


Testing for faculty/staff and students are available. Information can be found at the link below:

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