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  • Jasmine Anderson
  • Hometown: Verona, Wisconsin
  • Majors: Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies

If you are looking to meet people from all walks of life come to UW-Parkside because the university is very diverse, not just the students, but also the faculty and the curriculum that is being taught. Read More

Parra Renata
  • Renata Parra
  • Hometown: Mexico
  • Majors: Criminal Justice

My favorite place to study is... Read More

Kuske, Rebecca
  • Rebecca Kuske
  • Hometown: New Berlin, WI
  • Majors: Political Science and History

Something interesting about me... Read More

Ferrell, Tyler
  • Tyler Farrell
  • Hometown: Bristol, WI
  • Majors: Geography and Economics

My favorite place to study is... Read More

Sylvia Burns
  • Sylvia Burns
  • Hometown: Racine, WI
  • Majors: Molecular Biology

"Parkside is a very friendly commuter school for non-traditional students, like myself."

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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